Net Sorcerer Yoruko is a puzzle/sokoban game I've got cooking in (say it with me:) RPG Maker 2003. Yoruko wanders the digital world, banishing cyber ghosts using her black magic.

The player proceeds through a series of zones, with a total score being tallied at the end of each zone. Resources available to spice up gameplay include consumable "undo" items that allow Yoruko to reverse an accidental block push, health upgrades, and expensive items that can be used to destroy blocks the player doesn't like. If the player screws up and has to reset, it deals 1 damage -- at 0 HP, the game is over and your total score is reset.

Between puzzles, Yoruko can explore any zones she has previously unlocked. Interactable events and strange characters being among the things to be found within

There's basically nothing to show right now!!! But that's okay, because Net Sorcerer Yoruko is my main project at the moment (and screenshots will be added soon enough). I'm really excited by the theme and the simple game design, and I'd like NSY to be the first game I actually finish and release!


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Development Diary

I'm currently stuck on what to do with the game's UI. I feel unsure about Treasures of Dragoon's future as an RPG Maker game, and I still really like the PC-98 window idea, which works doubly well in a game themed around webcore and computers. The computer in the screenshot above might just be for one or two cutscenes or specific instances, and use a more normal, functional interface during normal gameplay.

Like other games, this thing's still brand new. There'll be plenty more to talk about going forward!