Dev Graveyard

Projects I lost interest in for good end up here, in the Dev Graveyard.

May their long rest be more peaceful than their tumultous development(s).

Lone Star

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So far, the only thing I have to list is Lone Star. This is the first game I ever tried to make (and my first within RPG Maker), with an impressive 4-5 years in the oven before I got tired of fixing my own bad eventing and bad art instead of making progress.

It was ambitious in its features (as you may be able to tell from the screenshots) and also really, really long, which typically happens when you let a 14 year old dictate what you'll be spending your Saturday nights doing for the next half-decade of your life.

I was really into cowboy shit (likely because I was and still am really into Trigun) -- it was a strange phase that I grew out of more and more with each passing year until I eventually lost all interest in both homoerotic muscular cowboys and in Lone Star.
Not a bad amount of work for a complete RPG Maker amateur, though!