Oh dear, you are dead!

Outgrowing a project is a natural part of hobbyist development; time has a way of making passion for a game idea slip through my fingers. This page chronicles projects I threw in the trash compactor at 95 MPH.

Lone Star Screenshots

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Why Lone Star bit the dust

Lone Star was my first ever RPG Maker game -- I started it when I was a mere child of 14, ambitious and really, really into Trigun. Development was a horrid stew of really bad pixel art, trying to figure out how to use basic functions of 2k3, and getting way in over my head with features I had no chance of implementing with my non-existent programming knowledge.

The game was really embarrassing to me the older I got, and I wasn't interested in trying to salvage the dumpster fire eventing underneath the hood. It was helpful in that it got me really learning and understanding RPG Maker and game development in general, but its fate as a dusty old relic of my distant past was decided years before I decided to finally can it.