Treasures of Dragoon

Treasures of Dragoon (Working title; too similar to The Legend of Dragoon) is an RPG Maker 2003 RPG. Hooray!

The project is inspired by retro fantasy anime and Dragon Quest, to give you an idea of what the vibe'd be like. I'm also making it difficult on myself by designing it around a PC-98 styled window UI, where the game is viewable in a smaller space, surrounded by game information like health bars, map information, etc.

I'm aware it doesn't sound terrifically original, but I'm pretty excited to make it! There aren't many screenshots yet, though.

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...So uh, yeah! I really like RPGs, but I really don't like RPG Maker's built-in combat or menus. One would ask
Why I don't just make an RPG in a different, more flexible engine, if I'm not using any of RPG Maker's native RPG features.

That'd be a very good question!