Agricultura is a solarpunk themed farming/life sim developed in RPG Maker 2003 that I've been developing on and off since 2018.

The game's overarching objective is to ship [X] amount of any kind of produce within an alloted amount of in-game time. The crop most profitable to produce is randomly determined each in-game week, though the player likely won't always be able to maximize profits in this way, as crop growth cycles rarely align with the new week's arrival.

Beyond working the farm, the player is encouraged to explore the city, interacting with minigames and other plot distractions in order to manage Holly (the protagonist)'s happiness, which is necessary for plot-specific events rather than the primary gameplay loop. Holly must regularly eat, sleep, bathe, and talk to others in order to keep a healthy work-life balance. Too much work, and Holly will fall into despair. Too little work, and Holly's continued employment hangs in the balance...!


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Development Diary

None yet! I've done a bunch of work (as you can see above), but none of it is recent...

This project is probably my most "complete" one (which REALLY isn't saying much, it's nowhere near playable) in spite of being on hiatus. Agricultura is sucky to stay committed to because of the difficulty marrying a farming sim and an engine most known for RPGs and horror games. It just isn't built for this sort of thing, and development can really drag (especially making the planting mechanic work, HOOOOLY shit).

Thrilling trivia: I recycled the name "DaikoNET" from a scrapped in-universe internet browser that Holly could use!

Anyway, hiatus until further notice!