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The sun rises across the rolling hills -- the shadows of an early summer morning retreat like the tide. Golden rays tease your bedroom walls through window curtains as your
Compaq PC whirs to life, screeching out its seek test.

おはようございます, guest. Welcome to DAIKONET HOME.

DAIKONET is my digital habitat -- I, the great DAIKO, live here.
I like webcore shit and retro anime! I like to make video games for fun, too.
I dunno! Thanks for visiting!

Every page may be different, so watch where you tread, cybernaut!
This site is a space I made just for my own fun, but it does have some stuff I put
work into, like games or game reviews. If it's something I enjoy, it'll probably be somewhere around here...

DAIKONET's steward and mascot is UXO, currently on break from minesweeping.
She's taking five on top of this page -- maybe don't disturb her... she might
blow up on you.

If you'd like to learn more about your DAIKONET personal assistant, UXO
(or myself, for whatever reason), click the "Webmaster" link to your right!

(...and sign the guestbook! Or don't.)

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Site Almanac

DAIKONET is divided into three zones that organize[citation needed] the site's content:

Gateway Getaway is the part of the site
that contains all the boring information relating to me, such as the "webmaster" section, or my projects page. I don't know why you'd spend time here when there's thrilling content elsewhere on this site, but I guess you're the boss.

Ecoplex is where the majority of the site's actual material lies -- it's where I post content I've made for the site (such as reviews, or that weird fish tank thing), or content I find interesting that I want to share with you, my esteemed guest!

Deep LINC is a true return to form if you enjoy stapling paper and eating paste for dinner. This contains the guestbook as well as miscellaneous written documents that don't fit anywhere else, such as old site updates.

  • DaikoNet HOME?
  • Where is home, anyway?
  • Webmaster?
  • Information about the webmaster, me.
  • DaikoNet Web Awards?
  • A listing of other NeoCities sites I've checked out and enjoyed!

    NOTE: Sites listed liable to change! No spot is guaranteed forever -- fame is fleeting and I can be fickle.
  • Game Projects?
  • Besides weaving enthralling cyberrealms such as the one you currently occupy, I also like to make games. I haven't finished anything of my own, but I'm credited on plenty of stuff -- a (non-comprehensive) list of projects and credits are documented here.
  • DaikoChannel?
  • I like sharing my thoughts on games I play. Usually, I force my friends to listen to me over Discord VC, but now I can force a bunch of strangers to listen instead! Go here to be enraptured by my very interesting opinions!
  • Aquascaping?
  • I had a childhood obsession with owning a fish tank. I still do. I made a fake one in DAIKONET to save money. Some say it is the most mysterious area on this site...
  • Cool Stuff?
  • If it's cool and it's stuff, it's here! Websites and software and whatever that I want people to check out.
  • Shrines?
  • I'm really not an obsessive fan about anything, but "shrine" is the webcore term. I make pages for specific things I'm passionate about here.
  • Guestbook?
  • If you'd like to say something about the website (and/or link back to your own website), you can do it here!

    Be aware that this Guestbook (like most others) privately reveals your IP address to me through the guestbook website. I'm not sure if a service that doesn't do this exists (the reason why it happens is to prevent spam), but keep it in mind. I don't care about where you live nor do I check the IP log.
  • Documents?
  • All text content that doesn't belong anywhere else. Be careful to not trip on a cobweb or archived site update post. There might be some journal entries, if I decide I really need to tell strangers about my life.
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Site Updates

April 28th, 2022

Added the Guestbook and the Webmaster page, and juiced up DaikoNET HOME.

It's all coming together, slowly but surely! College is mostly why the site took this long to receive an update, and it'll continue to impede my progress, but oh well. Not like there's a deadline to meet here!

February 9th, 2022

Website launched!

Welcome... to DAIKONET! This is my first website, so if you feel the urge to INSPECT...

I'm a game developer (?) in my spare time, and I'm interested in sharing my opinions on games I like. These reviews will be found via Daiko Channel on the right side of your cyberportal (eventually).

Beyond that, this website'll contain cool stuff I've found online that I want to share, in addition to other crap I feel like making. Pretty standard NeoCities stuff!

Once again, thank you for visiting DAIKONET!

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