Thanks for checking out this page! You're probably asking yourself "wait, daiko had his own public-access channel?" The answer to that question is no, though I was once unwittingly photographed on Google Earth.

Extremely funny jokes aside, DaikoChannel is the part of DAIKONET where I talk about games, specifically ones that make me want to talk about them. No, not in a profound way, or about their impact on the games industry, or even to provide thorough documentation. This shit won't even be a helpful resource! It's literally just games that I want to share, for better or worse.

Moreover, I am less concerned about writing thorough critical analyses on the games I write about here, and more concerned about showing it to you and sharing my thoughts (though I'll definitely talk about problems with the game, too... I dunno! There are no rules).

I will do my best to be as objective as possible in my criticism and as fair as I possibly can, but bear in mind these still are my own opinions and if I want to put my life in danger by openly criticizing the newest Pokemon game while online, that's my prerogative.

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